Baby & Eve Special Bum Balm

Baby & Eve

  • $14.99

Sometimes a baby’s bum is just fine and smooth, but sometimes it is irritated and needs special treatment. So why would you use the same cream every day for your baby? That’s why we formulated 2 creams: Everyday Bum Balm (for normal days) and Special Bum Balm (with specialized ingredients for red bum days). Thick, rich formula stays in place to help provide relief to your baby’s skin. Special bum balm is made with natural Super Hero ingredients such as Calendula, St John’s Wort and Tea Tree oil for soothing delicate skin. 

NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE: Contains NO synthetic fragrances. So if you smell lavender & orange in our Special Bum Balm, you are smelling the actual lavender flower and orange fruit. Never synthetic, never chemical.

When used in formulas, water is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow. That’s why manufacturers use strong preservatives to prevent this from happening. All Baby&Eve products are water free. This allows us to have chemical free formulas and for our customers to know exactly what is in the products they buy.