Clearly Safe Stove

KId Kusion

  • $15.99

Gas stoves present an obvious danger, but electric stoves get hot too.Wandering toddlers are curious and like to turn knobs. Use our Clearly Safe Stove Lock to prevent your stove knobs from turning. This patented design fits behind your stove’s knobs and actually dials in and out as needed for you to operate your stove. If you think about it, you need to push your stove’s knobs in to turn them. This new dial blocks the knob from pushing in without blocking you from the knob. No more spinning knob covers to worry with. This child proof dial has a safety lock that parents can press to turn the dial. The Clearly Safe Stove Lock works on most gas and electric stoves.

Easy turn and lock dial fits behind knob.
Prevents stove knobs from turning.
Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Child Safety.
Designed for professional and home use.
Fits Most Stoves
5 pack