• $18.99

Knee-shoes for your little crawler and early walker!
Lean Leg
There are many shoes on the market for infants, but your baby doesn’t yet move around by foot; they move around by knee!
Kneekers® slide onto your baby’s knees and protect them from getting scraped and sore and are available in both Lean Leg and Chunkalicious sizes, depending on your baby's "chunk" factor. Babies typically crawl between 7 and 11 months of age and then practice walking for a few months after that, when falling to their knees is common. Kneekers® was designed to make crawling and learning to walk more comfortable for your baby. Available in both Lean Leg and Chunkalicious sizes depending on your baby's "chunk" factor.
The cushioned padding and protective outer shell cradles your baby’s precious knees to shield them from carpet burns, other rough surfaces, and abrupt falls. Kneekers® are also designed for style with a soft, woven elastic/cotton knit that will nicely compliment your baby’s outfits.
- Durable, machine washable and dryer safe
- BPA Free
- Prevents carpet burns and scrapes while crawling
- Protects delicate knees from falls while learning to stand and walk
- A fun accessory your baby will love!